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Client's who suffer hair loss due to medial issues such as 

Alopecia, Chemo Therapy, and Lupus no longer need to file for 

financial reimbursements from their insurance companies. 

We will bill them for you! We also accept FSA & HSA Credit Cards.

Every year more, and more women and men are losing their hair at an alarming rate, and with all the so call hair growth treatments available it just seems to be getting worst.  HEC Studios has decided to help by offering insurance billing to eligible clients.   "Prescribed Cranial Prosthesis" (Medical wigs) are covered by most insurance companies.  

Contact your insurance company to confirm you are covered for "Prescribed Cranial Prosthesis".  See your doctor. Once you have  received a written prescription, book an appointment with HEC Studios and we'll do the rest.  This allows you to have the hair you need, and let's you get on with your life without taking money out of your pocket!

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  Prescribed Cranial Prosthesis